GreenMountain Marathon & half Marathon

October 19, 2002

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Meanwhile, out on the cold, rainy, & very windy course, the race belongs not to the swift but to those who endure.

His race over, Joe hops in the car and heads out to find Tom & Stacy.


Tom, able navigator, checks the notes and maps and heads to Simms Point Road.


Still smiling but now wearing a poncho, Stacy approaches mile 14.


Mike provides the encouragement we all needed (very badly!) to Stacy.


Tom, with hat and gloves back on, approaches mile 14 - on the way home!


Joe offers words of encouragement to his Dad at mile marker 14.

Stacy's friends Amy & Jen provided words of encouragement to Tom & Stacy.


Stacy, still managing a smile, gets further encouragement from Mike around mile 16.



Tish offers Tom encouragement near the mile 16 marker. The supporting cast kept us going!


Stacy just passed the 20 mile mark. Only 6 miles to go. It is said these are the toughest (they are!).

Tom sheds hat and gloves for the last 6.2 miles.


The incredibly strong South wind, as we headed South, made every step a challenge in the last 11 miles.

One can get a feeling for the wind in this photo taken at about mile 23.8.



Joe blocks the wind for a minute at the same point for his Dad.


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