Green Mountain Marathon & Half Marathon

October 19, 2002

The gory details of my 26.2 mile journey - if you really care!




1 9:49 Too fast a start. Headed West. Some good headwind, but the adrenaline and the crowd kept us all going.
2 9:40 A right turn at the one-mile mark takes us out of the wind. Downhill for the first half of this mile, gravity accounted for this fast time. Dirt road begins.
3 10:21 From here through mile 6 the course was dirt road with only small hills at spaced intervals. There were no real challenges, and no wind problems.
4 9:55 First encounter on the course with family & friends. It was so nice to see them gathered there, clapping & cheering. I liked these fast mile times, but was concerned about the toll that these
5 9:54 too-fast miles might take in the end. Still, I kept the pace up, feeling good,
6 10:05 and the miles going by quickly. The family & friends were awaiting us just before the mile 6 mark. This time they had cut out letters spelling our names and chanted appropriate cheers. After I ran by people in the race asked me if I was Tom!
7 10:00 The road is now paved and stays so through mile 10.
8 10:09 Family once again! Thank you all for being there. It had to have made a difference.
9 10:12 These 10-minute plus times are better for me, I think. These are a few very nice, fairly flat miles on paved roads.
10 10:10  
11 10:11 Dirt road once again, but only for a mile. Some uphill.
12 10:02 Paved road. Some uphill.
13 9:46 Flat terrain, paved, to the turnaround at 13 miles. The first 13 miles are easy and I feel good. I am very glad to be headed home, except I know the wind waits.
14 10:25 Running South into the wind. I think the wind must have been 25 to 35 MPH.
15 9:53 Family was there at the Simms Point Road corner, just before the 14-mile mark. They had to hurry to get there after picking up Joe at his race finish. It was good to hear of Joes excellent race and to have him now in the support team! Running West with no wind and some downhill
16 10:33 Running South into the wind. This starts a very lonely 11-mile stretch.
17 10:15 I saw virtually no other runners.
18 10:47 Saw the family 3 times. They definitely
19 10:32  helped, and causes me to wonder if I would have
20 10:31 made it without their support?
21 10:33 Notice how the times have increased since turning
22 11:03 into the wind. Naturally, the elapsed time and the
23 11:05  miles covered also begin to take their toll as I tire.
24 10:44 Running South into the wind STILL! Its hard to believe how strong & steady the wind is. It does NOT let up at all.
25 12:35 The last half  mile is uphill. I nearly died! I slowed to a walk for 3 or 4 intervals.
26 9:25 Finally, the left turn that takes us out of the wind. Running East with no wind I ran my fastest mile! Go figure. Adrenaline and being able to see the finish line and knowing I would make it at long last certainly helped motivate me. But, it was very interesting to me to find that I still had so much energy.
.2 2:10 Sprinting to the line as best I could.
Total 26.2 4:31:03 After mile 13 the wind was a major factor, coupled with the fact of natural tiring. I dont know if a slower start would have helped, but I think not. I think I would simply have done better, by maybe 6 minutes, had there been no wind. And without the support team along the way, who knows? THANK YOU ALL!

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